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Barong, Balisong, and an Invisible Volcano

Taal Heritage Town Tour
Streets lined with heritage houses make exploring this charming town feel a lot like time-traveling into 18th century Philippines. The colonial air almost makes you want to speak Spanish.
If rows and rows of bahay na bato get you excited, the heritage town of Taal, Batangas is right up your alley! What was once a sleepy town is now teeming with life as ancestral houses open their doors to history buffs, antique lovers, photography enthusiasts, and weekend warriors.
Group Travel
Whole day

Php 4,000/head, minimum of 10 pax

Tour Highlights
Basilica of St. Martin de Tours
Galleria Taal
Shrine of the Our Lady of Caysasay
Sta. Lucia Well
Casa Villavicencio
Marcela Agoncillo Museum
Taal Public Market

Package inclusions
Round trip transportation
Morning snacks
Boodle lunch
Afternoon snacks
Entrance Fees

Assembly time and place
Greenbelt, Makati City

Taal’s prominent families played significant roles in Philippine history. One such family supported revolutionaries and funded the printing of Rizal’s novels. This town is also the home of the largest Catholic church in Asia, the grand Basilica of St. Martin de Tours that sits at the highest point in the land. Another church is the sanctuary of an image of a playful Virgin Mary. Next to it is a well whose waters are believed to have miraculous properties.

Taal also boasts of local delicacies such as sinaing na tulingan (braised tuna with dried kamias), adobong dilaw (yellow adobo), tawilis (freshwater sardine endemic to Taal Lake), and tapang Taal (marinated sun-dried pork).

The public market is a treasure trove in itself where distinct Taal crafts like barong and balisong and delicacies such as suman and panutsa are available.

And where is the volcano in the itinerary? Find out when you join the tour.

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